alt Family Fun Day

At special times, the members of our congregation meet on our church grounds or at a local park to share food, fun, and games with one another. Each family brings a food offering to share. Family Fun Day's provide the members of our church the chance to get to know each other better and grow closer together as a congregation.

altMaximized Men

God desires that men become successful. An important part of a man's success is becoming a good leader in his family, as well as a vibrant member of the Body of Christ. With these goals in mind, men are encouraged to come together every two months in order to help one another grow strong in the Lord. Our men share quality time that includes prayer, food, fellowship and song.

altWomen of the Word (W.O.W.)

Our Women of the Word meetings provide ladies of the church a refreshing "time out" to get in touch with the Lord and with one another. Like the Maximized Mens meeting, W.O.W also meets every two months to enjoy prayer, food, fellowship and song.